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Roof Cleaning.

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Roof Cleaning is another of our popular services. As with any roof, it is so exposed to the elements as well as other everyday contaminants such as traffic film, soot, moss, algae, leaves, bird droppings and whatever else either falls from the sky or grows upward, the top of any property will always suffer the worst of what the environment has to throw at a building.

If dirty tiling or slating annoys you, we can solve your problems in a day by simply sweeping away anything loose that wasn't originally part of the structure, applying our environmentally friendly TFR based solution to the entire surface, letting it soak for a while, and then rinsing the complete area with our fan jet power spray.

For extra dirty roofs (usually found close to busy roads), we will repeat the process until the surface area looks as fresh as it did the day it was laid.

If you are undertaking this work yourself always remember that power washers push you backward as soon as you hit the trigger. Please make sure you use the appropriate safety equipment as any type of work involving height and uneven slippery surfaces IS dangerous.

Also, be aware that surface tiles are made with a protective waterproof coating that can be damaged by a high power unit. If not extremely careful, one slip could end up costing you more than you might expect. When in doubt, call a specialist.

If you are considering having your roof cleaned, why not Contact us and let us know what you need. We're only too happy to help where we can.

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