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Services - Rates and Prices.

Scotlands premier industrial power washing specialists...
     External stone and upvc cleaning services, property facelifts and more...

Costs of these services vary according to the surface to be cleaned, the type of cleaning required and what type of substance is to be cleaned from the surface (moss, oil/petrol, general grime and traffic film being typical). We charge by the square metre and not by the hour so you can be sure your quote will remain the same regardless of how long the job takes.

Typical rates are as follows... (for flat ground or vertical surfaces)

Areas up to 20m2: flat rate £40.00.

Areas 21 - 100m2: £2.00 per square metre.

Areas 101+ m2 £negotiable.

Mobile Homes: £60 - £125 depending on size.

Graffiti removal services start at around £65.

Conservatories sparkle cleaned from £85.

Complete home and building facelifts: From £225.