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Graffiti Removal Services.

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Graffiti removal and getting rid of substance based graffiti vandalism can be art in itself. With the many different types of substances used by artists to work with, and then considering the type of surface that has been vandalised, applying the correct solution to the problem is paramount.

We employ non toxic, environmentally friendly solutions to all work we carry out, followed by a high power water based solution to safely remove any trace of paints, tars or chemicals, then, if desired, the job is complete with the application of an invisible anti-substance over-coating to prevent further abuse of the surface.

Have a look below at just a few of the types of contacts we are happy to undertake...

Client Bases...

Historic Scotland
Private Home Owners
Business/Retail Complexs
The Scottish Tourist Board
Local Councils of Scotland
In fact, absolutely anyone with a problem can benefit from our services. Simply contact us with your requirements.
Typically Treated Sites...

Bus Shelters
Office Blocks
Roller Shutters
Business Fronts
Retail Premises
Council Buildings
Government Offices
Statues & Monuments
Commercial Premises
Historical/Tourist Sites

Above are only a few examples of what can be done and who is likely to use these services. If what you're looking for isn't listed, don't worry we'll still probably cover it. We will always be happy to accommodate any particular graffiti removal requirements. In fact, pretty much any building with any type of surface, porous or non-porous, brick, stone or other can be treated to not only remove the offending artwork, but also pre-treat the area with an anti graffiti substance solution so vandals cant do it again.

A form of urban vandalism, graffiti street art is now becoming as much of a problem in our quiet rural areas, especially in the surrounding villages of Glasgow, Edinburgh, Stirling, Perth and Cumbernauld as it always has been in our inner cities. As unsightly and alarming as it is, it typically lowers property values with an impact on the overall character of a local community and leaves most local residents frustrated and angry. Businesses such as shopping complexes, car parks and, with very few exceptions, any other type of commercial outlets may also suffer from the urban aerosol.

Ford Signal Green or Vauxhall Rosso Red, spray paint when applied to anything other than a car is usually an eyesore and removal of any unsightly graffiti is just the job we love to undo. So if art based vandalism is the problem, Waterkings are the best solution.

Why not Contact us and let us know what you need. We're only too happy to help where we can.

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